Pass your driving test in Wadebridge,North Cornwall, Rock, Delabole, Port Isaac, Tintagel, Boscastle

I have over 20 years experience delivering training and as a fully qualified driving instructor to a broad range of people including those with Special/Skills for Life needs, with a disability or who are emotionally and behaviourally challenged. I have trained, Students,Teachers, Business Owners/Managers, Government Officers, Builders, Shop Workers, Hairdressers, Mechanics…

Learning to drive is often an intense and challenging experience which everyone deals with in their own way. Like all great instructors my skill is to adapt the style, pace and content of each lesson to suit your preferred way of learning. You are very welcome to check this with my past learners who have posted on my Facebook Page and reviews.

Whether you are in Wadebridge or the surrounding countryside I am very happy to talk with you or a partner, friend or relative to discuss how I can help. This can be over the phone or I can visit to chat in person. As we will spend some time together it is essential for good learning that we are comfortable with each other.

If it helps I am very comfortable inviting a relative or friend to come along with you on a lesson either as a chaperone or to find out how they can help you when they accompany you in your (or their) car.

Welcome to Delabole Driving School

My Driving Instructor Car

A Mazda 3 with a 1.6 petrol  engine which deals comfortably with any of the  hills in Cornwall.

  • It is average size which means you won’t learn in a tiny car and then have difficulty later adjusting to yours.
  • The cockpit can adjusted to accommodate all sizes of pupil.
  • It is very comfortable and all the controls are easy to use.
  • It is fitted with dual controls, Manual Gearbox and Air Conditioning.