The best length of lessons will depend mainly where you live and your budget. 

5The most important thing is that lessons should be regular. It could be once every two weeks or once a day. (I am happy to discuss your individual requirements and circumstances so that we can agree what will be the best plan for you.My standard lesson lasts approximately two hours. (£80) This enables us to travel to a good selection of training areas with time to learn and experience that lessons topic. (Shorter lessons will often ‘use up’ a large percentage of the lesson getting to and from and are often very poor value for money.).

  • Two hour lessons (£80)are needed if you live in the more remote parts of the county. (e.g. Living in Tintagel takes approx 40 Mins to get to Bodmin Test centre so a two hour lesson will give 40 Minutes practice/learning in the area instead of 10.).
  • Longer lessons can be arranged to take advantage of learning opportunities in places like Truro, Plymouth or Exeter. (Busier traffic, Bigger roads/Dual Carriagways, One Way systems…).
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I am happy to offer discounts for block bookings. Once paid for you will be credited for that number of hours to be taken at mutually agreed times. (You will not have to book and commit to each lesson in advance. We will arrange each lesson as suitsFirst Ten Hours – £350

  • First Twenty Hours – £680
All payments can be made by Cash in Person or Internet Banking.