Refresher Lessons

Many people come to me for lessons to brush up on their driving skills.

You might want to consider this if

I am happy to discuss your situation to find a solution that will be best for you.
  • You haven’t driven for a while. (Circumstances may have changed which means you now have to be the main driver.)
  • You passed your test but have only now been able to afford a car. (Or you haven’t gotten a car yet and would like to keep your skills refreshed.)
  • You have only done local journeys for a while.
  • You have lost confidence. (After an accident or other traumatic event.)
Welcome to Delabole Driving School

Intensive Courses

You should usually already have passed your Theory Test before starting an intensive course and have booked your Practical Test. (This can be done through me during discussions to plan your course).

I offer a completely flexible and personalised course designed to suit your needs and circumstances. We will plan the course and agree before starting.

An intensive course could be

Intensive courses are not for everyone please ring and discuss as many times as you want
  • 2-3 Two hour lessons a week with regular reviews to trigger booking Practical Test. (Might suit novice drivers in a hurry).
  • Four or Five hours a day working towards a pre booked practical test. (e.g. Drivers with experience/Drivers with an overseas licence)
  • Residential – Come and have a holiday in North Cornwall and learn to drive at the same time.
  • Any other format that suits you and can be agreed between us.